(Please read the entire following information,)

I have included Teletherapy – an option to traditional in office therapeutic sessions. I am using the ZOOM program which is approved by HIPPA.

Once an appointment is scheduled (by phone, text, email), I will place your appointment date and time on the ZOOM calendar. ZOOM will then generate a link to you via your email which will enable you to sign in to the schedules session.

The session is exactly like FACETIME, SKYPE – except that it is completely secure and approved by HIPPA.

All platforms are accepted by ZOOM – Android, IPhone, desktop.

For new clients, all paperwork/ forms are required to be completed and mailed to prior to your session. These forms can be located above on this page of my website. For existing clients the only form required prior to the first Teletherapy session is the NEW form. This form must be emailed to me at the address already cited.

As with face to face sessions, I am available for questions and concerns via phone, text or email.

Billing will be the same as office sessions.


(Please read the entire following information,)

Before our interview, please make preparations so that you can:

• Be seated in a chair with armrests.
• Have other telephones or devices on silent to avoid incoming calls.
• Have both feet on the floor. If they do not reach the floor, put something down so that your feet rest firmly.

• Be in a place as private and quiet as possible to avoid interruptions.
• Have the best possible connection on the Internet.
• Have a device that is fully charged or connected to a power outlet.
• Have headphones or earphones, microphone and camera either integrated and connected to the device (computer, tablet, phone), to enable the therapist and patient to see each other.
• Have disposable tissues.
• Have one garbage can without a lid and lined with a disposable bag.
• Have paper and a pencil or pen to take notes.

• Have a blanket or sweater in case your body temperature drops.
• Have the ability to view your device without holding it in your hands, leaving hands free during the session.
• Have water or juice at hand.
• Do not be fasting. It is important to eat at least 4 hours before the proceeding.

  • What to do in case you lose contact during the session:
  • (If you lose contact and you are processing, continue the Butterfly Hug until you feel in your body that it is enough. If you still feel disturbance at the end of the BH, please use one of the self-soothing techniques, which you will be shown at the beginning of the session, whichever you prefer. Subsequently, try to re-establish communications.)

(By: Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero)